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Next Step Law Design gives your firm the benefits and availability of an inhouse design team without the hassle and expense.  We work with Trial Lawyers and Trial Consultants to produce effective, clearly communicated demonstratives for use in the courtroom, focus groups, or mediations.

We understand our legal clients' need to effectively communicate complex information. Using visual representation enables the jury to understand and become familiar with the facts. Courtroom demonstratives can help present data, a series of events, relationships, and research, to jury persons who may or may not be familiar with the topics at hand.

Next Step Law Design has created a system that allows us to provide prompt, effective and confidential services to Trial Lawyers and Trial Consultants. Our design team is available for consultation, updates, and changes during various hours of the day and night, resulting in quick turn-around times on design projects.

Next Step Law Design takes things one step further by offering services for your firm's marketing with Identity Packages that are specifically designed for law firms, consulting firms, or individual practices. Our Identity Packages will reflect your professional image and create a cohesive brand identity across all your marketing materials.

At Next Step Law Design we understand the limited time our clients have to work on their marketing and advertising. As an extension of your office we take care of that, allowing you to stay focused on your clients.

Our professional team provides quality, timely, effective solutions for your firm.