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"In our consulting work, we were constantly on the lookout for a design and production firm that can take written descriptions, photos or documents, even our own sketches, and produce concise, easily appreciated and memorable visual aids from that input in a timely, professional fashion.

At Next Step Law Design, we found those professionals. That is why we use them extensively, in our pre-trial and pre-settlement research projects, as well as to refine and produce demonstrative aids for trial and mediation for most of our attorney clients. When the needs of the case require more technical and precise work product, they will manage that. But, of more importance from the angle of persuasive impact, when simplifying complex visual information or reams of data is called for, they deliver compelling aids to decision maker comprehension and retention. On certain occasions, when we are prepping focus group or mock trial work on a deadline, they have been known to turn around the basic draft work we need in a matter of hours, not days or weeks."

~Eric Oliver - Metasystems, LTD